A Man

Nationality: Japan

Language: Japanese

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Romance

Duration: 121 min

Director: Kei Ishikawa

Writers: Keiichiro Hirano(based on a novel by), Kôsuke Mukai(screenplay)

Cast: Masataka KubotaNana, SeinoSakura Andô

A Man Movie 2022
A Man Movie 2022


Attorney Kido receives a strange request from Rie, a former client. She wants him to do a background check on her late husband, Daisuke. After getting a divorce, Rie had moved back to her hometown with her child before eventually meeting Daisuke and marrying him. They had started a happy family of four with the addition of a new child, when one day, Daisuke died in a tragic accident. Stricken with grief, the family holds a memorial service, where Daisuke’s estranged brother Kyoichi appears. When he takes a look at a photo of the deceased, he remarks, “This is not Daisuke.” Rie’s beloved “Daisuke” was actually someone else. Kido encounters an array of people in his pursuit to identify the man who had lived his life as a different person. He starts to close in on a shocking truth, but mixed feelings toward the mystery man start to arise within Kido.

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